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Is it unfair if I want new things? If I want someone to hang out with whenever I'm free, someone to share my life with whenever I'm feeling low and down.

Up until a few hours ago I presumed my relationship would work and I'd try and fix things for the better. Apparently I was alone in that. It's over. He says it's over. He's said that before. I've said it too. Sigh. It sounds serious this time.

Now, I'm really ALONE. And lonely. And miserable. I can't sleep anymore, I don't start work till another month and while I have other things I should do, I can't. I'm so distracted, miserable and messy, it's awful. I inflicted myself on my best friend for so long I'm ashamed of even bringing up my boyfriend, ahem, ex-boyfriend to her.

This helps though. Blogging helps. Writing about all the horrible things he's done to me helps.

Don't be fooled. He's a wonderful guy. Just a dick when it comes to appreciating how much I've done for him, that's all.

Fucking prick.

Excuse the language. 

I'll try watching something funny now.

I really hope this place helps me survive the disaster that is my 7-year-old relationship.

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Posted on 06:56PM on Feb 9th, 2013
They say every cell in your body is less than seven years old. You're just changing the ectoplasm. What you now have is time. And it will take a little time for it all to pass. Just know that it will. Once good way to do that is to stand back and watch yourself doing it. If you can, the pain becomes a matter of interest and somehow less painful.

You'll be fine. You've always been fine. You are now. Just stand back and watch.
Posted on 01:45AM on Feb 10th, 2013
Thank you.
Thank you.
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